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I write novels, short stories, non-fiction and stage plays.

I love telling stories and like all writers, I tend to focus on the work I've fallen in love with at the time. I have been - and still am - extensively published and produced in the traditional way, but I'm also publishing my backlist and some of my new work in eBook and Print On Demand form.

catherine-czerkawskaI live in a 200 year old cottage in beautiful, rainy, rural Scotland with my artist husband Alan Lees. Our son lives in Dundee and designs video games as a founding partner with his own company, Guerilla Tea. I'm a historian and folklorist as well as a writer, but I also collect and sometimes deal in antique textiles which often find their way into my fiction.

“I write because there's nothing else I do that gives me so much pleasure. I try to write the kind of books and stories I love to read. I hope you'll enjoy them too.”

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The Physic Garden

"What am I afraid of? That a million thoughts, feelings, memories, will come rushing back to overwhelm me? I cannot begin to describe to you the terror - there is no other word for it - engendered by the thought of him, even now, and yet he was as kindly a man as you could wish to meet, one who inspired trust and friendship in equal measure, a man who inspired great love in all those who knew him. I used to think it an unmitigated blessing, used to envy him. But now, with the wisdom of my years, I realise that it can be a peculiar curse and a burden, to be a man whom people love."

City life in the early 19th century was never short of drama: poverty and pollution preyed on all but the lucky few and resurrection men prowled the streets to procure corpses for anatomists to experiment on. Life is improving, however, for young William Lang, who begins courting Jenny, a fine needlewoman, and forms an unlikely friendship with botanist Dr Thomas Brown while working in the physic garden of a university college.

"This is not just a good novel. This, I contend, is a great novel. I had such a feeling of emotional engagement and empathy for William Lang that it actually broke my heart a bit when the denouement was revealed. It is a beautiful, elegant, at times elegaic expression and exploration of betrayal."
Cally Phillips, Reading Between The Lines

The Physic Garden is published in paperback and as an eBook by Saraband and is available from Amazon, Waterstones and other retailers.